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Agony In Pink

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Agony in Pink is a pornographic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan fiction written by The Dark Ranger.


Agony in Pink was first posted on Usenet's alt.sex newsgroup around 1994. In the story, Lord Zedd creates Tortura, The Dark Ranger's fan character. Zedd sends several putties to kidnap Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger. Zedd orders Tortura to torture, rape, and snuff Kimberly. In the ending chapter of the story, Zedd sends Kimberly's mutilated body to the other Power Rangers.


The story caused a lot of commotion on Usenet due to its graphic nature. Agony in Pink is thought to be one of the worst fan fiction pieces ever written, as the author wrote the story for sexual pleasure.


The posting of the story lead to the Australian Broadcasting Group to censor a newsgroup [http://danny.oz.au/freedom/bsa/NOTICE-2000-01-20] [http://www.auspaytv.com/archive/news99-00/n080200.txt].


The author created "Agony in Pink: The Special Edition," [http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Old_Joe%27s_Collection/Serials/Agony%20in%20Pink%20-%20Special%20Edition.txt] a revised version of Agony in Pink. He bundled the edition with an unfinished sequel (titled "Agony in Pink II: To Skin a Kat") involving Katherine "Kat" Hillard, the second Pink Ranger.


The author used Kat in Agony in Pink 2: A New Ending a finished story where Kat, Lord Zedd, and Rita torture Kimberly to death.


A man named Tom Rockwell created a painting called "Agony" that was based off of Agony in Pink.


Dave Aitel edited Agony in Pink into a new version called "Agony in Whitehat." Aitel edited the story by replacing Zedd with "Al Huger," the Rangers with "Immunitysec," Tortura with "Veritasa," Kimberly with "Justine Aitel," Goldar with "John Thompson," the Putties with "Symantec interns," Zordon with "Waisman," and several other characters with "Alberts," "Sinan Erin," "Nicolas," and "Dave Aitel" - http://lists.grok.org.uk/pipermail/full-disclosure/2006-March/043638.html


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